Tesla Improves Its Automatic Emergency Braking Via Software Update

Tesla has pushed a new software update to its vehicles which adds a lot of new features, such as controlling phone calls via the steering wheel buttons and the ability to detect speed limit signs, but version 2023.12 also improved the Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) in two ways.

According to NotATeslaApp, the new software update adds the ability of the AEB to operate while driving in reverse, although with limited functionality, as well as increasing the forward speed range where the system can work.

Before this version, Tesla’s Automatic Emergency Braking could operate between 3-90 miles per hour (5-150 kilometers per hour) while driving forward, but with the 2023.12 over-the-air (OTA) update, the AEB can operate between 3-124 mph (5-200 kph).

For American owners, it’s not a particularly useful improvement, but for those using Germany’s unrestricted Autobahn, it should be a welcome addition.

The changes have been included in the owner’s manual, where Tesla changed the wording to better suit the changes:

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