Cake Launches Bukk Production Enduro With Öhlins And WP Suspension Options

If you’ve been wondering when or if Cake would release a production version of its striking Bukk enduro bike, we have some exciting news for you. On April 25, 2023, Cake introduced the full production of the Bukk as the newest member to its electric motorbike lineup. It comes out of the box with a high degree of customizability, directly from Cake—including some sweet suspension options you’ll want to check out. 

The first thing to know is that the Cake Bukk is available in two base versions to suit your licensing needs. The Bukk Super Light tops out at 13 kilowatts (about 17.4 horsepower) and is suitable for riders with an A1 license. If you have an A2 license, you can choose the Bukk Power Light, which maxes out at 16 kW (about 21.4 hp). Those licensing tiers only apply for on-road use in countries that use them, of course—if you’re elsewhere in the world, or you’re only riding off-road, then this information isn’t applicable. 

The Bukk Super Light uses the new Jante motor, which makes a claimed 366 newton-meters (about 270 pound-feet) of torque at the rear wheel. It also has a zero to 28 mile per hour time of 2.57 seconds. Top speed on this bike is 50 miles per hour. Choose the Bukk Power Light instead (also equipped with the Jante), and claimed torque is 456 newton-meters (about 336.3 lb-ft) at the rear wheel, with a zero to 28 mph time of 2.15 seconds. Top speed on the Power Light is given as 56 mph.  

It’s worth noting here that Cake’s range, speed, and power figures are not its own estimations, but are results from the European homologation test, WMTC-II, which is performed in a controlled environment and may therefore differ in actual use. As with all OEMs, real-world usage may vary from these claims. 

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