Bentley Flying Spur Spied Possibly Testing V8 PHEV Engine From Porsche

Our spy photographers in Northern Europe captured a very interesting prototype earlier today. A convoy of Bentley cars was caught testing with little camouflage and among the fleet was a black Flying Spur trial vehicle. Our spies told us every time the convoy parked, the drivers rushed to cover the car, which seemed a little suspicious. As it turned out, the car was out testing on public streets in winter conditions for a reason.

We’ve heard rumors about Bentley potentially working on a V8-powered plug-in hybrid version of its flagship sedan and this is most likely our first sighting of that vehicle. As you can see, there are some differences in the front fascia versus the existing Flying Spur V6 PHEV and the exhaust pipes are different as well. Most importantly, however, our photographers told us this prototype had a more sonorous engine and exhaust sound, which makes us believe there could be an eight-cylinder engine under the hood.

What do you think?

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