2023 Nissan Leaf: EPA Range, Prices And Competitiveness Without Tax Credit

The Nissan Leaf was one of the first modern all-electric cars available in the United States (since 2010) and today we will take a look at the 2023 model year edition.

The company announced a simplified lineup for the 2023 model year with two main versions – S, equipped with a 40-kilowatt-hour (kWh) battery, and SV Plus with a 60-kWh battery (which replaces the 62-kWh version).

As we know, since mid-2022, the MSRP prices of the two versions start at respectively $27,800 and $35,800 (plus $1,095 destination and handling).

According to the EPA, the Nissan Leaf S (40 kWh) offers a Combined range of 149 miles (240 km), which is the same as in the case of the 2022 model year version. There are no changes to the powertrain, including the 110-kilowatt (kW) electric motor at the front.

The new SV Plus (60 kWh) version has an EPA Combined range of 212 miles (341 km), which is less than the retired 62-kWh battery version (215 miles in SV/SL trim or 226 miles in S trim). The SV Plus version has a 160-kW electric motor.

2023 Nissan Leaf EPA Combined range:

  • S (40 kWh): 149 miles (240 km)
  • SV Plus (60 kWh): 212 miles (341 km)
    [63 miles or 42% more]

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